Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So, it's a bit after 1 pm on Wednesday afternoon and I am just hoping that UPS guy comes today. I had a bit of a teaser yesterday when he came with 3 Stampin' Up! boxes, the same number of cases of catalogs I ordered, but I was so bummed when they were an order I placed. But also with that delivery were some roses my sweet friend sent me from Red Envelope, so that put a huge smile on my face! Now, I just sit and wait for UPS, please come soon.....:)

I'm lucky enough to be working from home this afternoon, so I'll be here in hopes of my delivery. So, wish me luck and send me your happy thoughts, better yet, send the UPS guy over with my catalogs!!! hahahaha

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Spice Rack said...

We just got back from Mexico and my catalogs are at Brandy's house! Gosh I have never wanted Monday to be here more quickly so I could see the darn catalog! Thank you for the blog nomination!!!