Thursday, July 31, 2008

Puerto Vallarta

I should just put Playa Fiesta as the title because I did not see much of Puerto Vallarta! My friend and her husband, well my friendS, own a boutique wedding hotel in Puerto Vallarta. For the last weekend of the season one of their close friends had her 40th birthday party and I was lucky enough to attend. It was a short trip, only 3 nights but they were wonderful nights! I miss my friend dearly and was so happy to spend any amount of time with her. Thank you Lindsay and Adam for being such gracious hosts. I love you! The photos are of Lindsay (tall brunette), Teanna (Cocoa Queen) and me (blond). We had so much fun lounging by the pool, drinking cervesas and dancing the night away for Maura's 40th. Happy Birthday Maura!

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